Havana Houston Rewards Card

join the hh rewards club

Come in and ask for your Esteemed Rewards Guest card and begin earning points for every dollar you spend at Havana Houston.


Accumulate points on your Esteemed Guest Rewards card and receive discounts up to 50% on your entire bill. You also have the opportunity to receive complimentary items such as appetizers and desserts.


Give the gift of becoming a Havana Houston Esteemed Guest Rewards card member. Our loyalty card can also hold a balance of your choosing to give as a gift with included custom card carrier.


Earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Havana Houston. Earn double points for every dollar spent during our lunch hours
Points never expire.

Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for information on Double Point event dates.

Gift Card

The HH Esteemed Rewards Card is also a Gift Card. Available at Havana Houston for purchase and without a balance limit. Balances never expire and
Offered with complimentary custom card carrier for the recipient.

Soon to be available for Online Purchase


You can accumulate points on every item sold at Havana Houston.
At the fist milestone of points you receive a 20% discount, the second milestone will win you a 35% discount on your entire bill.
As an Esteemed Rewards Member you have a random chance at receiving free items such as appetizers, desserts, and beverages.